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  Roger Elwood & Vic Ghidalia
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Roger Elwood & Vic Ghidalia
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Vic Ghidalia - Wizards And Warlocks (Manor, 1972)

Robert Bloch - The Secrets Of Sebek
Marc Schorer & August Derleth - In The Left Wing
Clark Ashton Smith - The Necromantis Tale
L. Ron Hubbard - Battle Of Wizards
Nathaniel Hawthorne - Young Goodman Brown
M. R. James - Casting The Runes
Richard Marsh - The Disappearance Of Mrs. Macrecham
Bruce Elliot - So Sweet As Magic
E. Hoffman Price - Apprentice Magician

Roger Elwood - The Berserkers (Pocket, June 1974)

Endowed with strange powers, driven by atavistic hungers, urged on by voices from other worls - these are THE BERSERKERS, human beings who claim kinship with the werewolf and the vampire.

In these stories:
A diary records a madman's descent into vampirism.
A Polish Jew in 1878 dreams of Hitler's machines of death.
A man awakens one morning to find flowers growing out of his skin ...

Arthur Tofte - The Beserks
K. M. O'Donnell - Trial Of The Blood
Gail Kimberley - The Horsemen From Hel
James Blish - The Price Of A Drink
Barry N. Malzberg - As In A Vision Apprehended
R. A. Lafferty - And Mad Undancing Bears
Raylyn Moore - Thamaturge
Daphne Castell - The Patent Medicine Man
William F. Nolan - Coincidence
Richard A. Lupoff - A Freeway For Draculas
Virginia Kidd - Night And Morning Of The Idiot Child
David Gerrold - Skinflowers
Robert Shaeffer - Form In Remission
James Sallis - Echo
Adrian Cole - The Genuine Article

Elwood and Ghidalia usually worked together, and anthologies which are co-credited to both include:

The Little Monsters: Children Of Wonder And Dread (MacFadden, 1969)
Beware The Beasts (MacFadden, 1970)
Beware More Beasts (Manor, 1975)
Horror Hunters (Manor, 1975)
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