British Horror Anthology Hell

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Mar 28th, 2017, 8:22pm

Vault Of Evil: Brit Horror Anthology Hell
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... and much much worse.
Vault Of Evil has moved
These are the archives of Vault of Evil, aka K. C. and the Sunshine Crabs, a shrine to vintage pulp horror novels, anthologies, and a library or two's worth of other ghastly books besides. This board covers our first incarnation from August 2005 to October 2007.

The Madness continues at Vault Of Evil - 2007 relaunch
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Vault Of Evil has moved

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Vault Of Evil

British Horror Anthology Hell
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The New CrewPlan 9 Channel 7
Pan Horror Stories (and 'Dark Voices')Chetwynd-Hayes, Danby, Aickman and Bernard: Fontana Horror, Ghost & Tales of Terror Collections
Peter HainingMichel Parry
Mainly '70's: Ramsey Campbell, David Sutton, Richard Davis, Hugh Lamb (the non-Victorian ones) et al'80's & '90's: Richard Dalby, Mike Ashley, Stephen Jones & the "Mammoth" books, etc.
Noughties: 2000 and beyondMouldy Oldies #1: Gothic & Victorian
Mouldy Oldies #2: 1900-1969American Gothic
The best and worst of the single-themed horror anthologiesFavourite Authors: from the Anthologies
NEL: Ultra-Trashy Horror NovelsGuy N. Smith
Nel's Non-horror/ "non-fiction" outputThe Rivals of NEL
Dennis Wheatley, Witchcraft & 'Black Magic' paperbacksPeter Saxon
Pulp ManiaHorror Magazines: 1970 to present day
The Fantastic PulpsThe Tomb of Dracula
Small Press, e-Zines & FanzinesPhew! Rock 'n Roll!
Nothing like a great jacket design ...Science Fiction and Fantasy
Westerns !Spook Puke: VAULT's Guide To The World Of The Unexplained
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